International Scientific Committee of Biological and Ecological Engineering

Assist. Prof. Dr. Zainab Almutairi
Salman bin Abdulaziz University
Department of Biology
Dr. Kanwal Nazim
Sindh Forest Department
Department of Forest Sciences
Dr. Faisal Nouroz
Hazara University
Department of Bioinformatics
Dr. Carolina Alvarez
Instituto Forestal (INFOR)
Plant Physiology Department
Prof. Dr. Uttam C. Sharma
Centre for Natural Resources Management
Department of Soil Science
Dr. Samuel Adelabu
University of the Free State
Geography Department
Assist. Prof. Dr. Sayed Mahdi Golestan Hashemi
Iranian Research Center of Creanovatology, Innovation Science
Biomimetics and Management Systems Engineering
Assist. Prof. Dr. Bilikis Uneke
Ebonyi State University
Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Marwan Keshalf
University of Tripoli
Department of Plant Protection
Dr. Geofrey Soka
Sokoine University of Agriculture
Wildlife Management Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aydin Akin
Selcuk University
Department of Horticulture
Dr. Elina Bakradze
LEPL National Environmental Agency of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia
Department of Environmental Engineering
Dr. Fazilah Ariffin
University Malaysia Terengganu
Department of Fundamental Science
Prof. Dr. Atef Ahmed
Suez Canal University
Department of Wildlife Conservation
Assist. Prof. Dr. Samaneh Samavat
Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands
Department of Forest Protection and Wildlife Management
Prof. Dr. Joshua Kayode
Ekiti State University
Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology
Dr. Joyeeta Mitra
Credora Life Sciences
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yahya Kooch
Tarbiat Modares University
Department of Forestry
Prof. Dr. Atef Ahmed
Suez Canal University
Department of Wildlife and Environmental Conservation
Dr. Ethel Emmarantia Phiri
Stellenbosch University
Department of Genetics
Assist. Prof. Dr. Amlan Das
University of Calcutta
Department of Zoology
Dr. Min-Ah Woo
Korea Food Research Institute
Department of Food Sciences
Dr. Nandlal Singh
Banaras Hindu University
Department of Chemistry
Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Khan
University of the Punjab
Deapartment of Zoology
Dr. Siti Badriyah Rushayati
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Department of Forest Resources Conservation and Ecotourism
Dr. Ettayib Bensaci
University of M'Sila
Department of Biology
Prof. Dr. Yavuz Bagci
Selcuk University
Department of Biology
Dr. Anna Pick Kiong Ling
International Medical University
Department of Applied Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. Yanto Santosa
Bogor Agricultural University
Department of Conversation of Forest and Ecotourism
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yaşar İnceyol
Adıyaman University
Department of Engineering