Abstract Submission Guideline

All honourable authors are invited to submit an abstract for the conference themes and topics. Prospective researchers are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract that might be selected for oral or e-poster presentation. When submitting your abstract, please follow the guidelines below to what your abstract should include: - an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study - a succinct description of the basic methodologies - a clear indication of the major findings of the study - a concluding statement

What do I need to know before I start my submission?

- If an author would like to submit more than one abstract, he/she should send all abstracts from the same account. The same abstract cannot be submitted to more than one conference. - Abstracts cannot contain more than 500 words in the main body of the abstract. - Abstracts can be submitted for either oral or e-poster presentation. - Please note that some requests for talks may need to be moved to e-poster presentations. The submission process is online from the same profile you create for registration at waset.org. When ready, you should open your document so you can cut and paste it into the online system. Please do not work from .pdf files. The steps are straight forward and the abstract builds online as you paste in so you can check it is as you wish. Main information about abstract format is: ‘Abstract’-Times New Roman BOLD, ITALIC, 10 pt. Abstract Text: i. Text should be written Times New Roman 9 pts. ii. The abstract should be self-contained. Do not cite references in the abstract. iii. Paragraph - Line Spacing- Single ‘Keywords’-Times New Roman BOLD, ITALIC, 10 pt. Keywords Text: i. Text should be written Times New Roman 9 pts. ii. Add about four keywords or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas. iii. Paragraph - Line Spacing- Single You can download the abstract template and also you can find find the instructions at abstract.

Please pay attention to these details:

- Titles should be capitalized with care: connectives (e.g. of, in, from etc.) are not capitalized. And for some papers concerning any kind of bacteria, animals, plants or other kinds of organisms, the latin names are used. In that case, as Latin names have two words, first one MUST be capitalized and the second one MUST NOT be capitalized (f.e. Esherichia coli). - Authors’ titles (such as Prof., M. D. etc.) will not be used in this part, only the name alone. There should be a comma between each author and if only the capital letter of the first name of an author is given then place a dot and a space after the capitalized letter. There is no ‘and’ in between, only commas. - Examples: Richard Williams, John H. Smith, Jr.,Jessica B. Brown, Kim H. Wei, AdjoaGiwa - Do not make these common mistakes : Dr. Richard Williams, and MOHAMMAD AZIZ HAMED & James f. o’neal - If the names are written like Author, F. A., Author, S. B., kindly change as F. A. Author, S. B. Author - Except for specific terms, abbreviations, and terminology, there is no capitalization for the keywords except the first one. There should at least be four keywords and they should be separated only by commas. There should only be one dot in the end. Check the spacing (e.g. Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3. - Do not make these common mistakes : keyword1 ,keyword2. Keyword3). - Abstract, as well as the paper, MUST NOT be written in the first person. - Please do not give any references in the abstract as this is the commonly accepted methodology of academic writing. - Please double-check if there are any grammatical mistakes. The benefits of this system are many but include: - Allowing you to preview your abstract and make modifications to your satisfaction; - Ensuring you know your lodgement is completed as you will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation; - Ensuring accurate indexing of all authors in the abstracts/proceedings book; - Ensuring consistent presentation of all abstracts in the proceedings (overarching formatting is imposed).

When you've finished the submission

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the conference’s Scientific Organizing Committee for oral or e-poster presentation. You will receive a confirmation email with after your Abstract Submission has been successfully submitted. You can view or edit your abstract by returning to your waset.org profile. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact waset.org Support.

When will I find out my result?

Email notification of programming decisions will come from the secretariat shortly after the expiry of deadlines and the working program will be posted to the web site. It will also appear on your waset.org profile. The notification will include specific presentation instructions. All selected contributions will be included in the conference’s book of abstracts/proceedings. The quality of science and relevance to the conference themes and topics will be the sole criteria applied by Scientific Organizing Committee to select the abstract for oral or e-poster presentation.

Abstract review criteria

- Relevance to the conference topics - Significance of the scientific question(s) and results - Style - Organization (e.g., the abstract has a clear beginning, middle and end) - Clear question or hypothesis - Sufficient background - The experimental approach and rationale for the approach are clear - The results are clearly presented - The interpretation and conclusions are reasonable and logical

Abstracts guidelines for short talk and e-posters

e-Poster sessions are an essential part of conference that encourage interaction and the exchange of ideas among conference participants. - Abstracts must be submitted online. - Submitting an abstract does not constitute or guarantee registration.Note that your abstract will not be included in the conference presentation program if you do not register and pay for your registration. - Only one abstract is allowed per submitting author, but the submitting author can be a co-author on another abstract. - Abstracts are published by waset.org in conference journal (the “abstract book/proceedings”) that is given to all conference attendees. After the conference, copies of the abstract book may occasionally be provided by waset.org to other interested persons on request, and are made available for purchase. - Abstract content and editing are the responsibility of the submitting author. Abstracts will be published as received after the abstracts are reviewed and selected. - Submission of the abstract means consent to publication of the abstract in the abstract book/proceedings, to distribution of the abstract book/proceedings containing your abstract to conference attendees and, occasionally, to other interested persons, and to sale of the abstract book/proceedings.

e-Poster presentation

e-Poster presentations are normally made by electronic presentation slides in PDF or pptx files using Data Projector.

Will my abstract be published online?

A couple of weeks before the meeting, the final conference program will be published to this web page along with hyperlinks to the abstracts. The abstracts will also be available on the conference abstracts web page.